Not just another policy wonk

I’m Lizzie, and I’m your friendly neighborhood public servant. I live in Maine, and have spent most of my life here engaged in various activities from raising children, teaching Pilates, farming, being a singer songwriter, and delivering newspapers. I served as a city councilor for a while, on my county’s budget committee, and in the state legislature. The main theme of my life is trying to make the world a little bit of a better place. I’m technically a public administrator, which means that I know how to fill out forms like a boss. But more than that, I know how to find that right form so that you can get some help with something that is worrying you to death and I have been known to walk around a city all summer long tracking power poles so I can figure whether the power company is charging for non-existent lights. I moved out to Colorado for a little under five years, and while there, I completed a master’s in public administration (It’s technically an MBA only with a P, so it’s an MPA) at Adams State University in Alamosa. If you ever get the chance to go to the places in Colorado that aren’t Denver, such around Alamosa, I highly recommend it. The land is starkly beautiful and just being there brings perspective on the struggles of human life and culture. I spent a fair amount of time writing about taxation, adoption law, foster care, and judicial issues in Colorado, and this is the repository of those musings. With citations of course. Now that I’m back in Maine, this is also where the policy journey will continue. Enjoy, and if you have any feedback, I always welcome input.